In order to truly deal with domestic abuse, it’s vital that we support victims whilst also addressing the root causes of perpetrator behaviour, particularly those who cause the highest levels of harm. A Whole System approach is working towards achieving these aims by ensuring a multi-agency approach to both victim safety and perpetrator management.

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASH)

Multi agency safeguarding hubs are used to collocate police and partners involved in protecting victims and their children, ensuring that information is shared quickly and easily and that stakeholder decision making is fully informed and made jointly so that the best outcomes are achieved.

Multi Agency Tasking And Coordination (MATAC) approach to manage perpetrators

MATAC is an intelligence led approach to targeting the most harmful and serial domestic abuse perpetrators. The multi-agency process ensures that relevant agencies are involved and invested in the effective management of perpetrators through a multi-agency tasking and coordination process.

Behaviour Change Programme for Perpetrators

Programmes are embedded in all local authority areas with the aim of working to educate domestic abuse perpetrators on the impact their abusive behaviour has on victims, children and wider family members. This includes group and one to one work, with support for the partners and children of the perpetrators during the programme.