A Whole System Approach improves the way that information is shared between proceedings at criminal and family courts, ensuring that victims and their families are given the best possible experience as they move through this process.

Helping Victims Obtain Information they need for Civil and Family Court

A Whole System Approach aims to assist victims of domestic abuse, especially those without legal representation, in requesting police disclosure of information relating to incidents where they have been a victim of domestic abuse, in order to assist them in civil and family proceedings.

Specialist Training for Police Officers

Front line police responders, including neighbourhood policing team officers, will receive specialist training on how civil and family court proceedings differ from the criminal justice courts and how they can assist victims of domestic abuse by enhancing their understanding of post-separation legal interventions.

Family Proceedings and Domestic Abuse Leaflet & Online Resources

A whole System Approach has published a regional leaflet to assist domestic abuse victims in their navigation of civil and family court proceedings. Participating police forces have also enhanced the information that they make available to assist victims on their websites, as well as publishing other online reference material and advice to help victims navigate court proceedings and signpost them to support services.

Child and Family Court Liaison Officers

These officers will serve as the link between victim support agencies, partners and the courts. They assist victims throughout the child and family court process, leading the multi-agency response when criminal allegations come to light in family court proceedings, ensuring the needs of the victim are at the heart of the process.